Jacqueline Kestler

On 10-10-10, a record number of runners started the annual Bank of America Chicago marathon across the neighborhoods of the city.  For the Oncofertility Consortium’s own Clinical Research Coordinator, Shauna Gardino, it was a warm start to her 10th marathon.  Despite the less than ideal weather conditions, Shauna completed the race with an impressive finish time to complete her milestone marathon.  For Shauna, the race was meaningful not only because of the coincidental play on numbers, but also because she ran as a member of the Run for Prentice 2010 fundraising team.

According to the team’s website, the money raised will be directed at “clinical, research, and education initiatives that support women’s health at all stages of life,” which also includes support for programs such as Gynecologic Oncology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  Because of Shauna’s work with the Oncofertility Consortium, whose mission aligns with that of Friends of Prentice, she felt especially inclined to support the Run for Prentice team in their inaugural year.  Their goal was to raise $150,000; Shauna exceeded her personal fundraising goal through the generous support of family and friends and the team itself raised a total of $144,571.  The team’s fundraising efforts will continue until November 15, 2010, so there is still time to contribute if you have not yet had the chance.  For any questions, please contact Kristin Clark at 312-926-4530, krclark@nmh.org.

How do you show your support and raise awareness for women’s health?  Do you know anyone who ran the marathon with the Run for Prentice 2010 team or another women’s health-related team?


Matthew Pont

Always wanted to do a US marathon, New York, Chicago or Boston.

I've done 5 in Europe, so may do a US one one day.