Lauren Ataman-Millhouse

We are happy to announce more exciting news from the Oncofertility Global Partners Network! Dr. Jhenifer Rodrigues, founder of the Brazilian Oncofertility Consortium, has been working to expand the Latin America Oncofertility Network and will be traveling to Chile to work with Drs. Anibal Scarella and Sebastian Sanmartin, both of Valparaiso University, on developing their own oncofertility program.  Below is some more information from Dr. Anibal Scarella about the goals of their meeting and future directions of their program.

For the next days, during the 3rd week of May, Dr. Jhenifer Rodrigues PhD, organizing leader of the Latin America Oncofertility Network, Brazilian Oncofertility Network, and consultant of In Vitro Consultoria will visit the Human Reproduction Center from Valparaiso University, in Chile, to start up the first program devoted to fertility preservation for men and women, with special attention to cancer patients. The main goal is to get update on the cryopreservarion techniques and initiate the first public fertility preservation unit in Chile.

The activities, organized by Dr. Anibal Scarella and Dr. Sebastian Sanmartin, include lectures about many Oncofertility aspects (The impact of cancer treatment on fertility, established and experimental techniques on fertility preservation for men and women), "hands on"course about ovarian tissue cryopreservation, and discussions on the theme between fertility experts and oncologists.

The Human Reproduction Center from Valparaiso University, became a member of the Oncofertility Consortium through the Latin America Oncofertility Network, in March of this year, and is already taking a leap to be a very active reference site for the patients and research. Congratulations to the team on a job well-done!!

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