Lauren Ataman-Millhouse

The Oncofertility Consortium congratulates Dr. Joao Pedro Caetano who is the newly elected president of the Brazilian Society of Human Reproduction.  The Brazilian Society of Human Reproduction was founded 70 years ago and is the most active organization in the region, bringing together physicians, scientists and allied health professionals in the field of human reproduction. 

Congratulations as well to Dr. Ricardo Marinho, who was elected to the board of directors and will serve as the chief Financial Officer.  Dr. Caetano and Dr. Marinho are longstanding members of the Oncofertility Consortium.  Dr. Woodruff said, ‘I’m thrilled that Joao Pedro and Ricardo have assumed these critical leadership roles in the Brazilian Society of Human Reproduction and the Oncofertility Consortium looks forward to our ongoing partnerships".

Dr. Caetano stated " we plan to give a special attention to oncofertility issues " during his time as President.  Dr. Marinho added  "we look forward to working closely with Oncofertility Consortium".

This is an exciting time for reproductive health and oncofertility in Brazil!