Lauren Ataman-Millhouse

Colleagues in Portugal recently published the Portuguese Recommendations for Fertility Preservation in the Portuguese Journal of Oncology. 

The recommendations can be found here.

Congratulations to our colleagues on this incredible accomplishment! 

Reference: Ana Teresa Almeida Santos, Gabriela Sousa, Adriana Teixeira, Pepe Cardoso, Cláudia Melo, Alexandra Teixeira, Joaquim Andrade, Cristina Silva, Emanuel Gouveia, Iris Bravo, Isabel Augusto, Joana Magalhães, Nuno Louro, Bruno Pereira, Rita Ramalho, Vanda Patrício, Sueli Pinelo.  Recomendações para a preservação do potencial reprodutivo no doente oncológicoRevista Portuguesa de Oncologia, 2016, 2, 1, 5-24.

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