Our centre of assisted reproduction is an entirely new ward of Semmelweis University, we have started our consultations, IVF,  and research programmes
a half a year ago. We are planning to have 2000 IVF cycles a year. With the support of the National Institute of Oncology, we are planning to create an oncofertility network in Hungary and set up the local oncofertility guidelines, and improve the oncofertility awareness among the oncologists.

The fertility preservation services, such as ovarian tissue, embryo, oocyte, sperm cryopreservation, TESE, OTT, ovarian transposition, and the oncofertility consultations are available for all Hungarian citizens, and the Hungarian national health insurance fully covers the expenses.

Services Offered: 

  • Egg (Oocyte) Banking, Embryo Banking, Emergency IVF, Ovarian Tissue Transplant, Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), Sperm banking, Testicular Sperm Extraction

Target Sex: 

  • Not sex-specific


1082 Budapest Üllői út 78/B

Email Address: 


+ 36206662191


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