The Fertility Center of Ribeirão Preto (CEFERP) was founded in 2016 with the objective of offering reproductive planning in a humanized and resolutive way. Our clinic is located within the largest mall in the region and provides agility in the treatment of our patients: the tests are performed within our Human Reproduction Center and the results are made available within 24 hours (except exams performed according to the phase of the cycle menstrual). When necessary, any assisted reproduction treatment may be started within a maximum of 24 hours. In addition to the conventional techniques of human reproduction, it is now also possible to offer contraceptive counseling for women who will undergo treatment with gonadotoxic potential. In the context of oncofertility in Brazil, we are the pioneering service that simultaneously offers the immediate possibility of preserving fertility through the freezing of sperm, oocytes and / or embryos, as well as contraceptive counseling for women after the procedure. For this, the clinic maintains intensive communication with different oncology services with the purpose of individualizing the assistance to its patients and offering safety / tranquility to the women during the oncological treatment. After the fertility preservation procedure, we forwarded the patients with all the necessary exams to begin chemo / radiotherapy. We recognize that together, oncology and human reproduction, can be stronger in optimizing the quality of life of cancer patients!

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Ribeirão Preto

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