Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe has a great background in fertility preservation of cancer patients with a multidisciplinary group formed by multiple specialists in oncology, urology, ginecology and reproductive medicine. This group has been performing fertility preservation by oocyte vitrification and sperm banking in adult patients for many years as part of the IVF lab routine. Eight years ago, they were the first health center in Spain that started ovarian cortex cryopreservation in adult women and currently they have already reported pregnancies with live births following the reimplantation of the ovarian cortex in patients once their cancer treatment is done. More recently, they also started a fertility preservation program based in ovarian cortex cryopreservation in prepubertal girls and in the last year, they have been also the first hospital in Spain starting a program for the cryopreservation of testicular tissue in prepubertal boys who unable to produce sperm.

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