The Korean Society for Fertility Preservation (KSFP) was established in 2013 to to facilitate collaboration between medical doctors and researchers who specialize in reproductive medicine and oncology. The ultimate purpose of the society is to help patients who are undergoing treatments that will affect their fertility and reproductive function. The goals of the KSFP are academic education, networking, advocacy, discussion, and development of standard protocols for fertility preservation.

The KSFP holds an annual conference and postgraduate course, and has established a national fertility preservation network. The Korean National Fertility Preservation Network is a nationwide network of fertility preservation centers. It has a 3-tier structure: national center hospitals, regional center hospitals in each region, and regional hospitals (Figure 1). The KSFP provides education and technical support to the network’s regional center hospitals, including lectures, hands-on workshops, and consultation (Figure 2). In turn, the regional center hospitals support their associated regional hospitals. The goals of this network are to improve the quality of treatment and to achieve the same level of quality in each institution.

As a global partner of Oncofertility Consortium, the KSFP collaborates with all other global partners, sharing information and experience. For improving oncofertility research and clinical programs in Asia, the KSFP collaborates with the JSFP in Japan and supports the plan to establish an Asian Oncofertility Society.


대 한가임력보존학회 (The Korean Society for Fertility Preservation) 은 가임력보존 치료에 대한 의료인 및 연구자들간의 학술적인 교류 및 교육, 가임력보존에 대한 홍보 강화, 가임력보존의 표준 치료방침 논의 및 개발 등의 목적을 위해 보다 많은 관련 분야의 의료인과 연구자들의 협력을 위해 2013년 창립되었습니다.

주된 활동은 각각 연 1회의 연수강좌와 학술대회의 개최 외에도, 전국적인 가임력보존 치료의 활성화와 전국 동일 수준의 가임력보존 치료의 달성을 위해 전국 가임력보존 네트워크 (National Fertility Preservation Network)를 확립하여 각 지역의 거점병원을 선정하고, 거점병원에 대한 기술이전을 통해 각 지역에서의 가임력보존 치료의 수준을 향상시키고, 나아가 지역거점병원을 중심으로 지역내의 가임력보존 치료의 활성화와 치료수준의 향상을 도모하고자 노력하고 있습니다. 또한 가임력보존 치료의 표준 치료지침 (Clinical Guideline)의 작성을 추진과제로 하고 있습니다. 회장님은 서울의대 산부인과학 교실 김 석현 교수님이십니다.

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The Korean Society for Fertility Preservation
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