After attending the Oncofertility Conference in 2015, Dr. Dana Kimelman, founder of the Oncofertility Consortium in Uruguay, realized the need of this discipline in her country. Even though fertility preservation techniques are already instaured in Uruguay, she decided it was important to do this in an organized way and as a team. Dr. Kimelman states "the concept of building a team of physicians, scientists, psychologists, and ethicists all working together, is the reason oncofertility will be successful in a country with little resources, but with powerful interests to progress and give oportunities to our population".

Dr. Kimelman is currently working with Dr. Woodruff and Dr. Jhenifer Rodrigues to create her own program and are writing a paper about their experiences, which will be available soon.

Dr. Kimelman translated all of the materials on SaveMyFertility to Spanish. Translations are available here or by using the language filter in the resource browser toolbar. 


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