The Research Centre for Reproductive Health, located at the University of Adelaide, Australia, is a world leader in reproductive health research, innovation and discovery. It was established in April 2004, arising from the Reproductive Medicine Unit of the University of Adelaide.  RCRH leads Australia and the international community in reproductive biology and reproductive health research, spanning from pre-conception to birth.

The RCRH seeks to make important scientific discoveries and to translate those into practical health and industry outcomes through clinical and commercial interactions. This is achieved by undertaking first-class, cutting edge fundamental and clinical research, and by fostering collaborations between scientists and clinicians in obstetrics, gynaecology, endocrinology and cancer. RCRH brings together key research program leaders, emerging postdoctoral researchers and talented postgraduate students to assure its continual growth in excellence, depth and profile.  It advocates linkages with government, health service providers and industry to maximize impact on reproductive health service and delivery.

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