Women's Health Research Institute

The WHRI is a unique community of researchers, clinicians, students and advocates affiliated with Northwestern University dedicated to improving women’s health by advancing the field of sex based biology. Learn more about the Oncofertility Saturday Academy and other Women's Health Science Program offerings here.

Woodruff Lab

We invite you to explore the frontier of reproductive science at the Woodruff Lab website. Discover the latest advancements in sex and gender-based medicine at our Women’s Health Research Institute and Oncofertility Consortium. Learn how our science education programs, policy efforts and outreach activities help elevate women’s health research throughout the world.


Repropedia is a reproductive dictionary created by an international team of scientists and clinicians led by investigators at Northwestern University. An editorial board reviews all entries to ensure that definitions are both accurate and accessible to scientists and non-scientists alike.


An authoritative education resource provided by the Oncofertility Consortium.

Save My Fertility

SaveMyFertility.org is an authoritative resource for adult cancer patients and the parents of children with cancer who want to learn more about preserving their fertility before and during cancer treatment, and protecting their hormonal health after treatment.