This Oncofertility Consortium resource is meant to function as a starter-kit so that researchers can establish the technique of alginate-based follicle culture in their own laboratories. Researchers should purchase their own reagents once they develop their techniques for follicle culture within their own labs. Any scientific products created as a result must attribute the grant number: NIH/NICHD P50HD076188 and the Oncofertility Consortium. Please also indicate if any issues arose during the process so we can work to mitigate these in the future.

For enhanced training, the OC offers a yearly Oncofertility 101 Course. For more information about Onco 101, please visit this link:

Please refer to the Woodruff Lab Follicle Culture Handbook with Follicle Culture Take-Home Kit Addendum.

Anyone who wishes to receive a Follicle Culture Take-Home Kit must submit the following information via webform:

  1. Funding Source
  2. Project Significance, including background and any relevant preliminary data
  3. Project Summary, including specific aims and hypothesis
  4. Methods
  5. Timeline for proposed studies
  6. NIH biosketch or CV

The kit will be shipped shortly after the application is reviewed and the requestor is notified. The requestor will pay all shipping costs associated with receiving the kit.

To complete the form, please click here.

References for this work:

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Methods for Follicle Isolation and Encapsulation: