The Oncofertility Consortium encourages collaboration between oncologists, reproductive endocrinologists and other healthcare professionals to develop opportunities for training new oncofertility scholars who can bridge the gap between these disciplines and effectively communicate fertility-preservation options to patients at the time of their diagnosis, before treatment begins.


National Physicians Cooperative

The National Physicians Cooperative (NPC)is a nationwide network of comprehensive fertility preservation centers. The network was established to provide a collaborative forum for the exchange of ideas, clinical research methods, and technologies in order to drive breakthroughs in basic reproductive physiology that will be translated directly to clinical medicine.

Launch a Fertility Preservation Program

Patients with a disease whose treatment or progression can impair fertility often require access to fertility preservation interventions before treatment begins. While cancer is the most urgent of these conditions, patients with rheumatologic diseases (like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis), neurologic diseases like MS, and hematologic diseases that may require a bone marrow transplant (such as sickle cell and thalassemia) may also benefit from a fertility preservation consultation.

Browse Online Resources for Health Care Professionals

The Oncofertility Consortium realizes the great value in convening experts from a wide range of disciplines and from diverse geographical locations, therefore we have created a variety of resources for many of the specialties involved in fertility preservation care who treat patients with both malignant and non-malignant conditions. Browse all of these resources below.

Oncofertility Decision Tool Web Portal

In the last decade, a great deal of progress has been made in terms of improving clinician-patient education, communication, and decision support with regard to oncofertility and fertility preservation. The Oncofertility Decision Tool Web Portal hosts decision tools designed to help health care providers navigate fertility preservation options discussions with their patients. 

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  • Oncofertility Decision-Making Publications
  • Clinical Guidelines, Recommendations, Policy Statements & Opinions

Media Resources for Health Care Professionals

Learn about the progress the Oncofertility Consortium has made by viewing archived videos of Virtual Grand Rounds, the annual Oncofertility Consortium Conference, trainings, presentations, and webinars.

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Oncofertility Consortium Books

Oncofertility Consortium Books cover the overall scope of the reproductive considerations for cancer patients and research.