The Oncofertility Consortium has made instrumental basic science breakthroughs in follicle biology, and ongoing efforts are underway to translate these successes into clinical practice.  We developed a novel alginate hydrogel-based in vitro follicle culture system that maintains the follicle's three-dimensional architecture as it grows.  This culture system, which was first optimized in a mouse model system, results in fertilization-competent female gametes that are capable of giving rise to live offspring.  We have extended this in vitro culture system to other species and have successfully cultured nonhuman primate and human follicles.  It is vastly important to disseminate key resources to researchers worldwide so that we can continually broaden our research horizons.  Here you will find Oncofertility-related basic science research resources including our key methods, protocols, and publications.

Oncofertility Methods

Here basic science researchers will find protocols and videos detailing follicle isolation from the ovary, encapsulation in alginate, and growth in vitro.  Additional protocols include encapsulation in a fibrin/alginate blend, removal of follicles from alginate, in vitro maturation of oocytes from follicles, antral follicles derived from in vitro follicle growth, and whole follicle immunocytochemistry.   Researchers will also find resources for establishing in vitro follicle growth systems in their labs including a supplies checklist, a follicle reference guide, and requirements for follicle work certification.

Follicle Handbook

The handbook describes follicle isolation, encapsulation in alginate, and in vitro culture.  In addition, there are protocols for encapsulation in a fibrin/alginate blend, removal of follicles from alginate, and in vitro maturation of oocytes following in vitro follicle culture. 

Oncofertility Publications

Since its inception less than a decade ago, the field of oncofertility and its associated research has burgeoned. As a testament to oncofertility‚Äôs far reach and broad scope, we have published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, reviews, book chapters, as well as two books on the subject.  These publications span several disciplines including basic science, clinical medicine, social science, and the humanities.  Here you will find our most recent relevant publications organized by topic.

Browse Online Resources for Researchers

The Oncofertility Consortium has a variety of online resources available to basic scientists and researchers. Browse this comprehensive list of online resources below.