The leadership of the National Physicians Cooperative recognizes that the use of ovarian tissue collected for fertility preservation research is a valuable resource. As such, de-identified human tissue may be requested with a formal collaboration between the NPC and external investigators (if appropriate) from National Physicians Cooperative member sites. Procedures outlined below are the methods whereby tissue may be requested. Applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis in order to ensure use of this tissue is appropriate and consistent with the high standards of the NPC and Oncofertility Consortium.

NPC members who wish to access our tissue library must first provide the following information:

  1. Amount of Tissue Needed
  2. IRB Approval Status*
  3. Funding Source
  4. Project Significance, including background and any relevant preliminary data
  5. Project Summary, including specific aims and hypothesis
  6. Methods
  7. Timeline for proposed studies
  8. NIH biosketch or CV

*The NPC is aware that not all projects warrant IRB submission.  In such cases, a Material Transfer Agreement will be executed between Northwestern University and the requesting institution.

NPC leadership will review applications at their Quarterly Leadership Meetings and requestors will be notified of the decisions by email shortly thereafter. Any scientific products created as a result must attribute the grant number: NIH/NICHD P50HD076188 and the Oncofertility Consortium.

Upon completion of the research project, investigators must provide a one-page (1) report detailing the use of the tissue, including methods, outcomes, and future directions. Please also indicate if any issues arose during the process so we can address such concerns going forward.