The Consortium represents an international, interdisciplinary, and interprofessional network of medical specialists, scientists, and scholars who are exploring the relationships between health, disease, survivorship and fertility preservation in young cancer patients. Their work and its findings may also extend to patients who have been diagnosed with other serious diseases and who must undergo fertility-threatening treatments.

The Oncofertility Consortium offers two methods of participation for domestic and international institutions. 

  • US-based clinicans, researchers and institutions are invited to join the National Physicians Cooperative (NPC).  The NPC is a nationwide network of centers dedicated to preserving the fertility of their patients.  Patients with cancer and other serious diseases whose progression or treatment is likely to impair fertility can receive access to the most up to date treatments and clinical research at NPC member sites.
  • International clinicans, researchers and institutions are invited to join as Global Partners.  Global Partners receive tools and guidance to set up their own consortium and promotes global collaborations to shed new light on fertility threatening conditions and give the network insight on dealing with broad cultural issues.