The development and emergence of the new interdisciplinary field of oncofertility at Northwestern has spearheaded research in the areas of basic science, clinical medicine, social science, the humanities, and education.  These broad and diverse research endeavors intersect and build off each other with the common goal of improving and expanding fertility preservation options for patients.

Since oncofertility's inception less than a decade ago, a diverse and solid base of publications has been written, extensive laboratory and clinical methods have been developed, and numerous national meetings and forums have occurred.

In the following pages, you - the aspiring graduate student, the post-doctural fellow, the principal investigator, the professional, the scholar - will find the most current oncofertility-related material for all disciplines.

Basic science or clinical medicine researcher: Learn more about the Oncofertility Consortium's ongoing research goals.  Additionally, you will find the most up-to-date protocols, publications, training videos, and presentations that detail our breakthrough strategies for growing mouse, nonhuman primate, and human ovarian follicles in vitro in three dimensions.


Social scientist: Learn about oncofertility from the social science standpoint.  We are tackling key questions, including how economics will drive oncofertility in the current health care setting, how communications between patients and providers impact treatment plans, and how women deal with fertility after cancer.  In these pages, you will find more information about these ongoing projects and have access to our social science publications.

Humanities scholar: Find out how oncofertility and the humanities are intertwined.  The bioethicist, the literary scholar, the historian, the philosopher, the religious study scholar, the fine arts scholar, and the lawyer are all integral to the growth and evolution of oncofertility.  In these pages, you will learn about our ongoing humanities projects, find links to our current publications, and have access to the Virtual Library of our 2009 Center for Bioethics, Sciences and Society's Oncofertility Summit.

Educator: Learn about how the Oncofertility Consortium is educating patients about their fertility preservation options through our patient-oriented website,  Find out how we are training our future generation of scientists and clinicians through programs such as the Oncofertility Saturday Academy, a science program designed to expose high school girls to the basic science and clinical medicine surrounding oncofertility.