Your oncofertility health care team members work together with you and your family to help eliminate oncofertility communication and information gaps in the health care system and make sure you get the highest quality of care. A multidisciplinary approach benefits you because each provider specializes in at least one area of need, providing you with medical, psychological, emotional, and social support throughout your fertility preservation journey.  Additionally, your health care team will work together to incorporate your existential/spiritual beliefs, personal relationships, decision-making preferences, and communication preferences into the fertility preservation process. 

Learn more about each team member and how they can help you along your fertility preservation journey.

Physicians Allied Health Professionals
Oncologist Physician Assistant
Pediatric Oncologist Nurse Practitioner
Reproductive Endocrinologist Nurse
Obstetrician-Gynecologist Genetic Counselor
Rheumatologist Patient Navigator
Hematologist Social Worker
Urologist Psychologist
Primary Care Provider Dietitian  




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