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About the Fertline

For more information, call the Fertilty Preservation hotline at:

Fertline 866-708-FERT (3378)

  • Get connected with a fertility preservation program that’s closest to you
  • Refer your patient for a fertility preservation consultation or procedure at a center near you.
  • Receive the latest information from experts in the field
  • Access resources, tools, and support


Photo of Dr. Kristin SmithKristin Smith is experienced at walking patients and providers through all aspects of the fertility preservation process. She explains the options for each particular case, works with oncology teams to integrate fertility preservation into each treatment program, and provides insurance and financial guidance to patients and their families.


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Remember, there is hope. Advances in treatment and higher survival rates mean that planning for life and a family is now a reality.

To download a brochure with the above information or illustrations with fertility preservation options, please use the following links:




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