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Oncofertility Consortium Boards

Founder of Oncofertility Consortium: Teresa K. Woodruff, PhD

Director of Oncofertility Consortium: Mahmoud Salama MD, PhD

Chairs of Scientific Committees of Oncofertility Consortium:

  • Children & Adolescent Oncofertility (Pediatric Initiative Network; PIN): Leena Nahata, MD
  • Female Oncofertility: Leslie Appiah, MD
  • Male Oncofertility: Kyle Orwig, PhD
  • Basic Science: Ariella Shikanov, PhD & Shuo Xiao, PhD
  • Humanities: Gwendolyn Quinn, PhD
  • Education: Divya Kelath, MD & Wendy S. Vitek, MD
  • Healthcare Management: Kara Goldman, MD & Karen Burns, MD
  • Startups: Julie Sroga Rios, MD
  • Surgery: Rebecca Flyckt, MD
  • Non-Oncological Conditions: Courtney Finlayson, MD & Jacqueline Maher, MD
  • Annual Conference & Biennial Book: Molly Moravek, MD
  • Practice Committee: Mahmoud Salama, MD, PhD
  • Patient Navigation: Stacy Whiteside, APRN MS CPNP-AC/PC CPON
  • Onco-Sexuality: TBD

Administrative Assistant: Jenna French <oncofert@msu.edu>

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