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Scientific Committees

The Oncofertility Consortium has several Scientific Committees that work together to achieve Vision 2030. Each scientific committee acts as a round table discussion group of Experts and meets online every 3 month (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec). Each committee has up to 12 Experts (USA/Abroad: 50/50) working to formulate action plans, produce webinars, podcasts, papers, book chapters and cooperate with other scientific committees.

  1. Pediatric and Adolescent Committee (PAC)
  2. Female Oncofertility
  3. Male Oncofertility
  4. Basic Science
  5. Humanities
  6. Education
  7. Systems Optimization, Advocacy & Resource (SOAR) Committee
  8. Startups
  9. Surgery
  10. Non-Oncological Conditions
  11. Annual Conference & Biennial Book
  12. Practice Committee
  13. Patient Navigation
  14. Onco-Sexuality
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