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Scientific Committees

The Oncofertility Consortium has several Scientific Committees that work together to achieve Vision 2030. Each scientific committee acts as a round table discussion group of Experts and meets online every 3 month (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec). Each committee has up to 12 Experts (USA/Abroad: 50/50) working to formulate action plans, produce webinars, podcasts, papers, book chapters and cooperate with other scientific committees.

  1. Children & Adolescents
  2. Female Oncofertility
  3. Male Oncofertility
  4. Basic Science
  5. Humanities
  6. Education
  7. Systems Optimization, Advocacy & Resource (SOAR) Committee
  8. Startups
  9. Surgery
  10. Non-Oncological Conditions
  11. Annual Conference & Biennial Book
  12. Practice Committee
  13. Patient Navigation
  14. Onco-Sexuality
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