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Branding Materials

Branding Materials Logos and information for branding your Oncofertility Consortium materials


The Oncofertility Consoritum logo consists of a green and purple ribbon and purple text. The Oncofertility Consortium logo is a trademarked advocacy ribbon that reflects the growing concern for the reproductive future of cancer patients. The intertwining spring green and hearty purple symbolize blossoming hope and uncompromised dedication to improving fertility preservation options. The lower tip of the ribbon represents an emergence of eggs or embryos, as well as sperm, welcoming the translation of current research to improve fertility options for all cancer patients. The ribbon has a slightly ‘bowed’ shape, providing a subliminal imagery of a fertile state and incorporates the multi-colored lines and spheres to symbolize the interdisciplinarity the Oncofertility Consortium. A trademark symbol is always included in the logo.  To use the logo in your own materials, download the proper file below.

Size and Placement

The logo should be placed on a white background and given a reasonable amount of padding.

Files for Download

Mac Users: Hold the Control (ctrl) button and click the link. Select Download link.. or Save link as… then choose a location on your computer to which to save the file.
PC Users: Right click the link. Select Save link as… then choose a location on your computer to which to save the file.

Logo Files

  • High Resolution logo (.tiff format, white background)
  • Standard logo (.png format, transparent background)
  • Standard logo (.jpg format, white background)
  • Microsoft Word Template (.doc format)

Download Oncofertility Logo Files as a Zip archive

High resolution logo files can be personalized with your respective institution name. To add your institution name to the Oncofertility logo, download the file below.

Download Personalized Logo Files as a Zip Archive

Presentation Template Files

Download the Oncofertility PowerPoint Template


The official colors of the Oncofertility Consoritum are green and purple.

For Web Use

Hexadecimal Codes
Green: #9bac3a
Purple: #472f91

RBG Codes

Green: R = 155, G = 172, B = 58
Purple: R = 71, G = 47, B = 145


The font for the logo was created specifically for the logo itself, and therefore is unavailable to use as a general font.

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