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Oncofertility Consortium Vision 2030

Together we discussed the current state of the field, the priorities for the next 10 years, and the strategies to be used to ensure that the field is moving forward in a productive and collaborative manner. We worked together on developing the Oncofertility Consortium Vision 2030, as well as its mission, value statements, and strategic goals:

Vision Statement: The vision of the Oncofertility Consortium is for all patients facing loss of fertility due to medical conditions and/or gonadotoxic therapies to have access to oncofertility options and services.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Oncofertility Consortium is to convene the field to enable the essential conversations necessary to drive oncofertility research, clinical practice, and patient options forward.

Value Statement: The Oncofertility Consortium values collegiality, multi-disciplinary collaboration, inclusiveness, innovation, and altruism.  All of its values are ultimately driven by patient-centeredness.

Strategic goals: (1) Improve Access (2) Advance Research (3) Educate and (4) Collaborate.

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