As you may already know, The Oncofertility Consortium partnered with the Endocrine Society to release the free, iSaveFertility iPhone App nearly a year ago this week.  iSaveFertility was developed to give oncologists and fertility specialists a quick reference guide for preserving the fertility of children, women and men diagnosed with cancer. In today’s world, more and more health care professionals are using smartphone technology as part of their daily lives, with apps being designed in lieu of cumbersome pocket-guides to meet their diagnostic and medical information needs. In oncology and fertility care, access to the most recent information and tools available at the point-of-care is critical for both providers and patients in the fight against cancer, thus iSaveFertility was born!

In July of last year, the Oncofertility Consortium partnered with the Cancer Knowledge Network (CKN), an affiliate of the Canadian journal, Current Oncology, to reach the larger  population of oncology professionals in an effort to provide insight into the complex health care and quality-of-life issues that concern cancer patients whose fertility may be threatened by disease or its treatment. As a result of this partnership, CKN is working with us to help disseminate information about fertility and cancer awareness across Canada by utilizing the iSaveFertility iPhone app in healthcare settings. It is the objective of all those involved with CKN and the Onocfertility Consortium to provide an open-access, multi-disciplinary forum for oncologists and cancer-care professionals to connect, become informed and initiate discourse.

Utilizing new technology, such as the iSaveFertility, is helping to change the face of comprehensive cancer care. Providers rely on the apps to give them the most up-to-date healthcare information, which in turn benefits the patient by ensuring they are well-informed and in control of their cancer treatment. We are excited to engage with the larger oncology community and to improve care to cancer patients with the help of CKN and iSaveFertility.

To learn more about iSaveFertility, visit and download the free app. To learn more about CKN, please read our past blog post or visit, Cancer Knowledge Network.



Francisco Dentista

Good news being able to share concrete information that otherwise would be too long to search and increase the flow of relevant information that can be taken by the specialist and applied directly to the patient I think the method should be used by as many possible because of doctors is a big plus.