Brigid Martz Smith

This week, Oncofertility Consortium is excited to offer FREE breakout sessions for attendees of our 9th Annual Oncofertility Conference, Critical Conversations in Oncofertility: Pediatrics and Beyond on Thursday, November 5th.

Detailed information will also be included in your conference programs.  Please plan to attend if you're still in town!


Fertility Preservation in the Gender and DSD Populations in the Ann &Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital, 12-372 (12th floor) from 7:00-10:00AM. This meeting is designed to foster communication and discussion regarding fertility preservation in gender and disorders of sexual development populations.


Global Partners Breakfast in the Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center, Searle Seminar Room (ground floor) from 7:00-9:30AM. This meeting is imperative to facilitate communication and collaboration amongst our growing Oncofertility Global Network.


Implementing a High-Powered Oncofertility Program: Best Practices Discussion in the Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center, Gray Seminar Room (ground floor) from 8:00-9:30AM. This meeting will be led by Lesley Breech, MD and her team from Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center and will allow for a discussion amongst attendees regarding setting up a successful fertility preservation program and patient enrollment.


OC-VIT Human Tissue Vitrification Session in the Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center, Searle Seminar Room (ground floor) from 10AM-noon. The session is free to attend but space is limited so arrive early to guarantee a seat!


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