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Announcing the Oncofertility Professional Engagement Network OPEN

Here is a special announcement from Dr. Teresa Woodruff, Lauren Ataman-Millhouse, and Brigid Smith about the formation of the Oncofertility Professional Engagement Network, OPEN. More information about OPEN, including member benefits, subcommittees, and membership form can be found here

Dear Oncofertility Community,

For the past 18 months, the Oncofertility Consortium has undergone discussion about the next steps for our National Physicians Cooperative and Global Partners Network.  These twin programs have been successful in enabling a new generation of patient access to 360 degree oncofertility care, creating a network of referral and best practice sites, enabling team building, and enabling these teams to work productively and in ways that rapidly improve patient care and access.  Clearly, by all metrics, our NPC and Global Partners Network have been successful.  

But even as the two groups have been successful individually, we all have come to believe they could be even more successful if joined together.  Pediatric oncofertility is a global issue, as is adoption care, ethics, and best practices. Many of you asked that we merge the communities and some of the groups are already collaborating internationally.  Thus, it seemed like a natural evolution to move to one umbrella program.  At last year's Oncofertility Leadership Meeting, we discussed the concept of OPEN, the Oncofertility Professional Engagement Network, and after months of work, we are now ready to launch this initiative. 

Please email us if you have any specific questions or if you have any ideas for what you would like to gain from OPEN. On behalf of the entire Oncofertility Consortium, we hope that you all remain engaged in this exciting partnership and please let us know how we can help you succeed. 

Teresa K. Woodruff, Lauren Ataman-Millhouse, and Brigid Smith

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