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Introducing Tara Kerpelman

Hi everyone!

My name is Tara Kerpelman and I’m the Science and Medicine Writer for the Oncofertility Consortium. I work here part-time. The rest of the time I’m a graduate student at Medill – the journalism school at Northwestern – where I am specializing in science and health reporting and broadcast journalism.

I became interested in the Oncofertility department when Teresa spoke to my class as a guest lecturer. I was very impressed that she was so enthusiastic and obviously really cared about educating people on the topic of oncofertility.

To learn more about the subject, I shadowed different people in the lab over the course of a week so I could learn about what is done here, and now I am being given the chance to help spread the word about oncofertility.

So in the coming weeks you will see many more posts from me and I encourage you to comment on them!


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