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Repropedia: Reproductive Definitions Coming Soon to a Website Near You

Last June, we discussed the launch of a new online dictionary dedicated to defining reproductive words in easy to understand terms. Since then, we’ve been linking our reproductive terms to the website, Repropedia.org, which is an authoritative website that provides short, jargon-free descriptions to the public. Recent updates have now made it easier than ever 1) for people to use the website, and 2) for blogs like ours to link to the website’s words.

The first change to the website is called “responsive design.” This means that the website responds to the type of computer device of a user. For example, if I’m on my smartphone, the website automatically configures itself one-way but if I go to the website on my iPad or my desktop computer, the website will change again to fit these devices. It’s almost like the developers have built their own app for the website!

The second change to the website will affect how you read this blog. As you may have noticed, in the past when we wrote reproductive terms and linked them to Repropedia, the definition was opened in a brand new webpage. Now, you can click on the word and the definition will “pop-up” directly on the blog’s page. With this new system, you will be able to tell the Repropedia-linked words because they will appear purple and underlined. For example, you can see that here with the term fetus.

The Oncofertility Blog is currently beta-testing this technology for Repropedia so if you see anything you like (or don’t like), please tell us. Also, if you manage a website or blog and would like to incorporate these definitions into your own site, you can get on the list to integrate the Repropedia Tooltip when it becomes widely available.

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