The Free University of Brussels affiliated Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRG) is a pioneer in reproductive treatment and has been established in 1983. Ever since the development of the technique of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in Brussels, the Center for Reproductive Medicine has been at the forefront of innovative reproductive technology, including preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), oocyte vitrification and oocyte maturation in-vitro (IVM). In the first 25 years of its existence more than 15,000 babies have been born as a result of treating their parents at the CRG.

Since many years, the expertise at CRG has extended to safeguard fertility throughout cancer treatment, and the oncofertility team of the center is dedicated to offer a fertility preservation treatment adjusted to the individual needs of the cancer patient.

The oncofertility team stands for:

  • 100% dedication to protect and optimise our patients' fertility and to help them deliver a healthy baby;
  • 100% dedication to independent and innovative research about all aspects of human fertility, through exchange of intelligence between researchers in our field of study;
  • 100% ambition to share our knowledge with all interested parties – physicians, patients, etc. through training, courses and communication.

Target Sex: 

  • Not sex-specific


Centrum voor Reproductieve Geneeskunde (CRG)

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+1 2 477 66 48


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