Fertilitat since the 90s, unites scientific innovation, sensitivity and ethics in the realization of the dream of thousands of couples. The clinic, led by Dr. Alvaro Petracco and Dr. Mariangela Badalotti, aims to provide a qualified and aligned service with the most advanced technologies in the area of human reproduction.

Actually opened in 1991, Fertilitat had started his career in 1987, when it was a Group of assisted fertilization. It was the result of the work of this group the birth of the first assisted reproduction baby in Rio Grande do Sul in 1989. Alvaro Luis Santos - whose name is a tribute to the director of Fertilitat, Alvaro Petracco. Also the team was responsible for the first birth through egg freezing by slow technique in Brazil in 2002.

Acting with ethics and integrity, the center is dedicated to the research and treatment of marital infertility, as well as the preservation of fertility. Fertilitat offers a warm welcome, individual dedication, the best treatments and all the necessary emotional support. For this, it has the commitment of a team of experts, many of them renowned professors with extensive production in the scientific research area. Added to this a modern laboratory, high-tech equipment and the most current and reliable techniques, often brought to Brazil firsthand the Fertilitat.

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Fertilitat Centro de Medicina Reprodutiva Av. Ipiranga, 6690 - Azenha
90160+090 Porto Alegre , RS
Rio Grande do Sul BR


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