Gemme Dormiente was founded based on the ideas of reproductive specialist, Mariavita Ciccarone, MD, who works at a public hospital in Rome, Italy (San Carlo di Nancy Hospital). After contact with dozens of patients who lost their ability to have children because of aggressive therapies, she designed a reference website with the help of a group of volunteers. 

Dr. Ciccarone wants to give support to patients affected by an oncologic disease or another chronic debilitating disease (e.g. chronic autoimmune disease or other diseases of unknown etiology) who are greatly fatigued by the painful and difficult medical and human path related to the management of their diseases so that their potential does not remain dormant! The Association offers patients an integrated support plan in order to protect their fertility, and preserve their reproductive health.

HELPS the patients suffering from oncological diseases and chronic debilitating diseases to preserve fertility

How we intervene with the patients’ needs?
We provide for:
- Information on gonadotoxic damage from cancer treatment during the diagnosis
- Immediate availability of fertility preservation techniques in public facilities (without interfering with cancer treatment)
- Management of the side effects of oncological therapies
- Post-treatment fertility recovery
- Pregnancy treatment after healing
- Treatment of fertile life
- Treatment of the girls during their puberty
- Psychological support in the various phases
- Organization of collateral assistance
Recently we foresaw new activities on BRCA1 and 2 projects, in women with familiarity for k mammary and other BRCA related neoplasms

Our operational Protocol: Patients, who are directed by the oncologist or other specialist, receive OPERATIVE assistance, listening and psychological support, through these actions:
- they are sent to the specialized centers for cryopreservation of oocytes or ovarian tissue
- they are followed during the oncological therapies
- they are assisted, once healed, when they try to look for a motherhood
- they receive detailed and continuous counselling regarding their ovarian functionality, residual to the therapies to which they have been subjected with any side effects of the therapies themselves (see eg POF, Premature Ovarian Failure)

Constant  communication campaign, to raise awareness among the public and the doctors relating the issues of fertility preservation:
- We constantly work on partnerships with other associations to activate a national network of health projects in view to provide patients with a targeted service throughout the national territory.;
- We organize various initiatives at social, cultural and scientific level addressed to patients, doctors and all the people interested in the theme;
- We promote specialized training of doctors’ and thematic sensitization trough the High-level Training Course (post PhD) in Oncofertility in cooperation with the Sapienza University of Rome and addressed to 15 specialists, every year. We are in the third edition. The teachers are among the greatest national and international experts and representatives of scientific societies; our goal for the 2020 is to extend our proposal at the European/international level.
- We also organize training initiatives in the medical field open to a wider public involving also health public institutions


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