Pregna Medicina Reproductiva

Pregna Medicina Reproductiva opened in 2007, and has grown to be one of the leading Centers for Reproductive Medicine care in Argentina.

Dedicated to clinical infertility care, the clinic opened Fundación Pregna  in 2012, devoted to innovative research in  the field, with partners in the public and private sector.
Fundación Pregna interests have focused on its ongoing projects in  metabolomics, and follicular fluid biomarkers, and have recently broaden to include oncofertility counselling and access to care.

Dr. Marcos Horton, co-founder and Lab Director of Pregna, Dr.Ignacio De Zuñiga, Scientific Director, and Dr. Guillermo Terrado, Deputy Scientific  Director, lead the Oncofertility Program, aimed at young women and  men facing a cancer diagnosis and willing to cryopreserve gametes.

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Pregna Medicina Reproductiva
Juncal 3490 C1425AYV CABA
Buenos Aires

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