Created in 2004, the Vida - Fertility Center offers the state of the art in Assisted Human Reproduction, standing out on results. Our multidisciplinary team works to make possible that couples can make their pregnancy dream come true and is dedicated to our patients physical and emotional well-being. Our fertility preservation programme of male gametes has been established since the opening of the clinic and, since 2006, we use the vitrification technique to preserve eggs and embryos successfully.

All patients who seek our oncofertility programme are met promptly (on the following day at most) for an evaluation to begin the treatment with the best chances of success.

We are certified by the Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction (Red LARA), a scientific and educational organization, main certifying body of expertise in the region. We are also member of the Brazilian Society of Human Reproduction (SBRH) and the Brazilian Society of Assisted Reproduction (SBRA).

In addition to our commitment to patients, we have a permanent professional development programme for our staff. Our clinic has a postgraduate studies programme certified by the Brazilian Ministry of Education, for the especialization of new medical professionals and laboratory staff; and we work in partnership with the State University of Rio de Janeiro, training medical residents in the area of ​​human reproduction.

Resposible for the Oncofertility Program: Dr. Cassio Sartorio, Dr. Maria Cecilia Erthal, Dr. Paulo Gallo de Sá

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