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Notable Publications

Here are some new and notable publications from the field: 

In vitro maturation of human immature oocytes for fertility preservation and research material
H Shirasawa, Y Terada – Reproductive Medicine and Biology, 2017
In recent years, the importance of fertility preservation (FP) has increased. In vitro maturation (IVM), an important technique in FP, has started to be used in the clinic, but controversies persist regarding this technique. Here, a survey of IVM for FP is provided. 

Ethical, moral, and theological insights into advances in male pediatric and adolescent fertility preservation
JJ Ramstein, J Halpern, AJ Gadzinski, RE Brannigan… – Andrology, 2017
The successful treatment of boys with cancer has led to increasing attention to preserving their quality of life after completing cancer therapy. One of the top priorities for living a full life is keeping open the opportunity to have children. 

Oncofertility: Fertility Preservation in Cancer
S Trivedi – Male Infertility: Understanding, Causes and Treatment, 2017
The number of cancer patients in young age has increased in the recent years, which is coupled with late marriages and family planning. This makes an important place for a new and emerging field of cryo-preservation of gametes for cancer patients. 

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