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Oncofertility in Japan

I had the privilege of attending the first Oncofertility Nursing meeting and the first meeting of the Oncofertility Consortium JAPAN 2016 this week in Tokyo.  My hosts were Nao Suzuki, MD St. Marianna University School of Medicine  and Naoko Hayashi St. Luke’s International University.  Each meeting was attended by approximately 200 individuals and it was a wonderful welcoming environment.  

The Japanese Society for Fertility Preservation is a strong organization and has a very good website for patients and for providers.  The organization has also translated the materials on the Oncofertility website into Japanese.  For more information see:  https://oncofertility.msu.edu/clinics-and-centers/japanese-society-fertility-preservation

A few pictures are provided here and represent great friends and great friendships!!!  

Thank you Japan for your global leadership in oncofertility!!

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