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Introducing the FIRST Fertility Registry for Cancer Survivors

First Registry LogoOne out of 48 women will develop invasive cancer before age 40. Many young women will survive their cancer treatment and live long lives that include decisions on building a family.   Currently, there is a lack of data on the long-term reproductive outcomes in young women after cancer treatment. Investigators at the Oncofertility Consortium recently launched the first long-term study to investigate the reproductive impact of cancer treatments on women. The Fertility Information Research Study (FIRST) is a registry project that will collect this information from and for female cancer survivors.

We are happy to announce that women who want to participate in science and help the next generation of cancer patients can now be a part of this study. Any woman between 18 and 44 who is less than three years from a cancer diagnosis or treatment can sign up for the study. Interested women can call the FERTLINE (866-708-FERT [3378]) or contact the study team by email (ayastudy@ucsd.edu) to learn more about the study.

Participants will be asked to complete an online questionnaire yearly that will assess a variety of women’s health outcomes, from fertility to abnormal periods to premature menopause. This information will help researchers learn the scope of reproductive problems after cancer with just a few minutes of effort each year.

If you are a young woman who has had cancer or cancer treatment, or know women who are, please think about signing up for the FIRST Registry by calling the FERTLINE at 866-708-FERT (3378) or contacting the study team at ayastudy@ucsd.edu.  With your help, we can help guide counseling and treatment of future young women.

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