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Monqiue Hinchcliff, MD, MS, Oncofertility Consortium Conference Speaker

load_imageDr. Monique Hinchcliff is the Associate Clinical Director and the Director of Translational Research for the Northwestern Scleroderma Program.  Her research interests include the use of high-throughput, unbiased, approaches to define clinically relevant molecular subsets of systemic sclerosis/scleroderma.  Since 2008, she has led the effort to establish and maintain a state-of-the-art systemic sclerosis patient registry and biorepository that now includes >650 patients with systemic sclerosis. Dr. Hinchcliff will present a talk on Oncofertility and Rheumatic Diseases at Day 1 of the Oncofertility Consortium Conference at 3pm. We’re certainly looking forward to her talk!

To learn more about the Oncofertility Consortium Conference, please click here.

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