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Oncofertility Decision-Making Publications

Yesterday we announced our NEW Oncofertility Decision Tool Web Portal. This online portal serves as a one-stop-shop for health care providers in need of tools to facilitate fertility preservation conversations with their patients whose disease, or its treatment, threatens fertility. In addition to decision tools and aids, we have collected and organized the existing literature discussing oncofertility communication strategies and provided online access to the publications in our web portal. Many of the publications come directly from Dr. Woodruff’s various Oncofertility books- the same books you may have read chapter summaries about in this very blog. The web portal has taken all of those book chapters, along with journal articles, and compiled them for health care providers. They are organized by publication year and patient population. Each Decision-Making Publication also includes a short summary describing how health care providers may find the reading beneficial in their clinical practice.

The Decision-Making Publications address many issues, including:


  • Fertility preservation communication strategies for: pre-pubertal (pediatric), adolescent, and adult oncology patients
  • Hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes (e.g. HBOC due to mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2) and fertility preservation
  • Family history of cancer and fertility preservation
  • Non-malignant conditions and treatments associated with infertility
  • Including partners in fertility preservation discussions
  • Including families in fertility preservation discussions (e.g. family decision making)
  • Psychosocial screening and loss of fertility
  • Bioethics and Oncofertility: Arguments and Insights from Religious Traditions


Please check out our brand new Decision Tool Web Portal and browse the communication literature YOU can use to help discuss fertility preservation options with your patients. We would greatly appreciate feedback in the comments section.

Have you written or read a piece of fertility preservation communication not currently accessible through the Decision Tool Web Portal? Email the Oncofertility Consortium at oncofertility@northwestern.edu if you would like it to be included!Open Book

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