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OSA Trailer

Watch the OSA Trailer

July 23rd at 7:00 pm at the McCormick Tribune Center Forum, Northwestern University, Evanston Campus is the world premiere of the Oncofertility Saturday Academy documentary film.

The film describes the story of 15 juniors and 14 seniors from Young Women’s Leadership Charter School of Chicago, who were selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants, to participate in a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about the emerging, new field of Oncofertility.

This program provides the students with the opportunity to work alongside scientists and clinicians who are making new discoveries and providing healthcare everyday for the Oncofertility patient. Through these direct interactions with professionals, the students are exposed to the wide variety of academic and career paths that they can consider pursuing.

Lastly, the program provides the space for the students to develop bonds with each other, the professionals, and their medical school mentors. The students’ connection to the Oncofertility Saturday Academy continues beyond the duration of the program. After the students graduate from high school, we remain in communication to provide the necessary support needed to keep them focused on their academic goals and to become the next generation of women science leaders.

Oncofertility Saturday Academy began is 2007 as the result of the science partnership between Northwestern University and Young Women’s Leadership Charter School of Chicago.

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