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Panel Discussion: Issues in Fertility Preservation

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The first Panel Discussion of the Conference was a well-attended discussion of issues in fertility preservation. The session was moderated by pediatric oncologists Dr. Yasmin Gosiengfiao of Lurie Children’s and Dr. Anna Franklin of MD Anderson, Olivia Jaworek Frias, RN patient navigator at Cincinnati Children’s and pediatric gynecologist Dr. Leslie Appiah of University of Kentucky. Drs. Gosiengfiao and Franklin reviewed clinical dilemmas and available treatment options in the difficult-to-treat prepubertal male population. Olivia Jaworek Frias shared her experience as a fertility navigator and outlined her key role in guiding patients through the complicated process of fertility preservation. Dr. Appiah discussed the special issues raised by a case of ovarian stimulation in an adolescent female with ovarian cancer, including how to calculate risk of ovarian failure, delay of chemotherapy for stimulation and risk of further delay in the instance of OHSS and how to assess the need for menstrual suppression and downregulation with GnRH during chemotherapy treatment.onco_logo

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