There are a number of ways you can get involved with the Oncofertility Consortium and join our effort towards exploring and expanding the options for the reproductive future of cancer survivors.


Oncofertility Virtual Grand Rounds

These meetings provide opportunities for the international network of collaborators (oncologists, reproductive specialists, social scientists, etc) to hear about the most recent advances in our discipline. The meetings are hosted in a webinar manner and you can connect to this event from your desktop computer.Please visit the link that follows to access previous Virtual Grand Rounds presentations:

Click here to access previous Virtual Grand Rounds presentations


Annual Oncofertility Conference

Our annual conference is an opportunity for leading researchers and healthcare providers to come together to learn about recent developments and share new ideas. Held in Chicago at the Northwestern University campus, this event is an exicting opportunity for those interested in learning more about the Oncofertility Consortium. Visit the link below to access information about this event.

Click here to learn more about the Annual Oncofertility Conference


Oncofertility Blog

This blog provides current information about the general topic of oncofertility. Please bookmark our blog using your favorite RSS feed. Visit the link below to access the blog:

Click here to read our blog


National Fertility Hotline

This hotline is staffed with professionals who can help you, your nurse, or the patient talk through the various options for fertility management. The provider or patient can be referred to one of the 60 national Oncofertility sites for rapid assessment and care and then be returned to your care as rapidly as possible. Please feel free to call the number anytime you have questions about fertility management.

(517) 884 8848