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Introducing Jhenifer Rodrigues

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.01.29 AMThe Oncofertility Consortium welcomes Jhenifer Rodrigues as the coordinator of the Brazilian Oncofertility Consortium.  Jhenifer is a biologist with a Bachelors in Biologic Sciences with specialization on Clinical Embryology by the Rede Latinoamericana de Reprodução Assistida (Red Lara) – Latin America Network of Assisted Reproduction.  She also has a master’s degree and PhD in Sciences – Biology of Reproduction by University of São Paulo.  Her training was done at the Oregon National Primate Center/Oregon Health and Science University with Richard Stouffer, PhD and Mary Zelinski, PhD where she worked on the development of in vitro maturation conditions for primate follicles.  She worked in Brazil for 4 years as an embryologist and coordinator of the Department of Research and Development at Pró-Criar Medicina Reprodutiva.  Their research involved ovarian tissue transport and cryopreservation and follicle in vitro maturation (bovine and human).  She is now working as a consultant with In Vitro Consultoria and for the Brazilian Oncofertility Consortium on topics in Assisted Reproduction technologies and Oncofertility.  She assists clinics on cases, courses and training, and program implementation relating to research projects and product development.  She created the BOC website and co-edited the first book on Oncofertility for Brazil.  Jhenifer Rodrigues is now assisting other Latin American countries with their programs and is a great leader in the Global Oncofertility Network.  According to Oncofertility Consortium Director, Teresa Woodruff, PhD, “Grassroots leadership has been critical to the rapid increase in Oncofertility programs around the globe.  Jhenifer has been a tireless advocate for oncofertility patients and in her current role, is having a huge impact on the lives of many Brazilian men and women.”

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