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Cancer Knowledge Network Launches the first Canadian Oncofertility Database

Lorne Cooper, Founder and CEO of Cancer Knowledge Network (CKN), together with the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS), is launching a database project which tracks all patients who are referred for oncofertility consultations across Canada.  In early 2014, CKN launched the Oncofertility Referral Network which assists oncologists in locating fertility clinics, as well as facilitating online referrals. This initiative has the following objectives:
1) Bring together two medical communities:  Oncology (through CKN) and Fertility (through CFAS).
2) Track oncofertility referrals across Canada to determine who is making referrals (medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, gynecologic oncology, family medicine etc.).
3) Monitor patient decision-making regarding the use of available technology to preserve fertility before cancer treatment begins (freezing eggs, sperm, embryos, ovarian or testicular tissue, or decline and do nothing).

For more information about this project please contact Karen Irwin, Project Coordinator (karen@cancerkn.com).

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