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Just ASK: Fertility, Sexuality & Body Image – The unmet needs of young cancer patients

Launched in Switzerland, the vision of  the “justASKus” project is to close the gap in follow-up care for adolescents and young adults on the subjects of body image, sexuality and fertility, address unmet needs in terms of sex education and support, and, in the long run, reduce the development of psychosexual issues and improve the overall quality of life of those affected by cancer.

Every life story is different. That is why it is important to respond to survivors’ needs as individually as possible and support cancer patients in finding their own way in life. Furthermore, the “justASKus” project aims to improve the training of health care personnel on these subjects to achieve its vision.

In order to integrate as many points of view as possible in the design of this project, an interdisciplinary team with representatives from various areas of cancer care as well as survivors were involved in founding the justASKus association in Switzerland. For more information, please visit https://justaskus.ch/en/home-en/

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