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New Oncofertility Book Available on Amazon.com!

The Oncofertility Consortium is pleased to announce that the second volume of its Oncofertility series is now available on Amazon.com!

Fertility preservation is an emerging field not only in the basic and clinical sciences, but also in the social sciences and humanities.  Oncofertility: Ethical, Legal, Social, and Medical Perspectives offers insights by experts and scholars in bioethics, philosophy, religion, communication, and history, who tackled questions such as:

“What are the Jewish, Muslim, and Catholic perspectives on oncofertility?”

“What barriers to adoption do couples with a history of cancer face?”

“What decisionmaking processes do families undergo when considering fertility preservation?”

Purchase your copy of this one-of-a-kind book to discover the answers to these questions and to learn more!

Complete your Oncofertility collection with the first volume, Oncofertility: Fertility Preservation for Cancer Survivors, also available on Amazon.com!

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