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OSA Documentary Trailer

January 20, 2010
The film describes the story of 15 juniors and 14 seniors from Young Women’s Leadership Charter School of Chicago, who were selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants, to participate in a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about the emerging, new field…

HemOnc Today: “Discussing Oncofertility: The Oncologist’s Responsibility”

November 4, 2009
From the article, which can be found here: “A third, but still experimental cryopreservation technique for women, is ovarian tissue freezing. This technique involves a biopsy of the ovarian tissue that is then frozen and implanted into the patient at a later time. According to…

Dr. Teresa Woodruff delivers 2009 Dr. Jacob Probstein Lecture

November 4, 2009
On November 3, 2009, Dr. Woodruff traveled to St. Louis, MO to deliver the 2009 Dr. Jacob Probstein Lecture to the Washington University School of Medicine’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  Dr. Woodruff spoke on Fertility Preservation for cancer patients, and the new technologies and…

Chicago Public Radio highlights Oncofertility

August 26, 2009
Last week, WBEZ’s Eight Forty Eight visited the Oncofertility Consortium to talk with Dr. Teresa Woodruff about fertility preservation options. From the WBEZ website Last year, Dr. Teresa Woodruff won a $21 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to create the Oncofertility Consortium.…

NIH cites work done by Oncofertility Consortium

July 15, 2009
New Technique Could Sustain Cancer Patients’ Fertility Researchers Grow Immature Egg Cells in the Laboratory for 30 Days Researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health have completed a critical first step in the eventual development of a technique to retain fertility in women with…

Oncofertility is Wired!

July 15, 2009
A new paper by members of the Oncofertility Consortium is featured in this week's Wired Magazine.  "A Fertility First: Human Egg Cells Grow Up in Lab" talks about a new paper featured in Human Reproduction.  The new paper, titled In vitro grown human ovarian follicles…
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