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PODCAST: Remove Rider on Parthenotes (Lisa Campo-Engelstein)

There’s an obscure rider obstructing science when it comes to parthenotes, Lisa Campo Engelstein, Sarah Rodriguez, Candace Tingen and Teresa Woodruff explain in the the March 2011 issue of the American Journal of Bioethics.  In 1996, Congress passed the Dickey-Wicker Amendment (DWA) as part of an appropriations bill. It has been renewed every year since. The DWA bans federal funding for research using embryos and parthenotes. In their paper, they call for a public discussion on parthenote research and a questioning of its inclusion in the DWA.  Listen to Lisa Campo-Engelstein discuss their research on the Bioethics Channel.

To read their article, please click here.

Remove Rider on Parthenotes

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