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Recordings from the 14th Annual Conference 2022

Over 240 attendees from 15 countries around the globe participated in the 14th Annual Conference of Oncofertility Consortium May 2-4, 2022, that was in-person and hosted by the Magee-Women’s Research Institute & Foundation in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

This 3-day meeting was the first opportunity for our community to gather in-person since the beginning of the pandemic. With the theme of “Vision 2030: A Roadmap for Oncofertility Research and Practices”, this meeting brought together oncologists, reproductive endocrinologists, research scientists, allied health professionals, scholars, students, advocates, and patients who shared cutting-edge developments, and discussed new initiatives for the upcoming years. For more information about the conference, please visit the Conference Website and explore the Agenda, Speakers/Moderators & Conference Booklet PDF.

Please find below the YouTube links to all recorded sessions of the conference. We would like to thank all speakers and moderators for their great talks and amazing contribution.

  1. Welcome and Keynote (Kyle Orwig, Mahmoud Salama & Teresa K. Woodruff, USA)
  2. Reconstitution of gametogenesis using pluripotent stem cells (Katsuhiko Hayashi, Japan)
  3. Development and analysis of fertoprotective agents (So-Youn Kim, USA)
  4. In vitro maturation of primordial follicles to yield eggs (Jing Xu, USA)
  5. Preserve and protect fertility preservation in young males (Rod Mitchell, UK)
  6. Ultrasound-guided rete testis sperm aspiration & SSC transplantation (Kathleen Hwang, USA)
  7. Nursing services in oncofertility (Eileen McMahon, Canada)
  8. Sexuality and sexual health among women with cancer (Kristin Carpenter, USA)
  9. Survivorship Clinic and Research (Brooke Cherven, USA)
  10. Patient and Advocate Panel (Christine Hanlon, Brandon Lischner & Alyssa Kelly, USA)
  11. Ovarian tissue oocytes in vitro maturation OTO-IVM (Michel De Vos, Belgium)
  12. Restoring Fertility in Males (Ellen Goosens, Belgium)
  13. Oral Abstract Presentations from Winners of Abstract Awards (Himes, Close, Fought & Zhang, USA)
  14. Regulatory oversight (FDA) of new and emerging REI technologies in US (David Ball, USA)
  15. Standardization and regulations for tissue cryopreservation in Germany (Dunja Baston-Büst, Germany)
  16. Ethical Debate: Patients with Poor Prognosis Panel (Julie Rios, Jen Levine & Joseph Bertino, USA)
  17. Legislation of mandated insurance for fertility preservation (Kristin Smith & Joyce Reinecke, USA)
  18. Fertility in LGBTQAI+ (Alicyn Simpson, USA)
  19. Fertility preservation in DSD individuals (Emilie Johnson, USA)
  20. Tips and resources for starting or expanding a fertility preservation program (T. Brooke McClendon, Amy Jutca, Leslie Appiah, Olivia Frias, USA & Maria Bourlon, Mexico)
  21. Looking ahead toward FDA Approval for Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation and Transplantation in the US. (Mary Zelinski, USA)
  22. Wrap-Up (Julie Rios, USA)

Thank you all for attending the 2022 Oncofertility Conference and for your continued support and partnership. The 15th Annual Conference of the Oncofertility Consortium will be in the Fall of 2023. More information about the date and venue will be coming soon.

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