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Webinars Series 2023 by Scientific Committees

The Scientific Committees of the Oncofertility Consortium host several webinars in 2023 covering very interesting oncofertility topics. Thank you to all distinguished speakers!

Telehealth in Oncofertility Care

Speaker: Speaker: H. Irene Su, MD, MSCE (USA)

Conservative Management of Gynecologic Cancers and Fertility

Speakers: Kenny Rodriguez-Wallberg (Sweden) & Alejandro Rauh-Hain (USA)

Preserving Fertility After Colorectal Cancer (PREFACE Study)

Speaker: Andreana N. Holowatyj (USA)

The Impact of Radiation Therapy on Female Fertility Outcomes

Speakers: Hamish Wallace (UK), Amy Winship (Australia), Genia Rozen (Australia) & Leslie Appiah (USA)

Establishing National Oncofertility Registries- Experience from Japan, Australia & Germany

Speakers: Yasmin Jayasinghe (Australia), Antoinette Anazodo (Australia), Kosuke Shigematsu (Japan) & Dunja-Maria Baston-Büst (Germany)

Oncofertility Practice in Limited Resource Settings – Experience from Latin America & Africa

Speakers: Maria T Bourlon (Mexico) & Mohamed Khrouf (Tunisia) – July 20, 2023

Breast cancer and fertility – what we learned from the POSITIVE Study

Speaker: Ann Partridge (USA) – May 17, 2023

Fertility Preservation in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)

Dr. Rebecca Flyckt, Dr. Mindy Christianson & Dr. Lydia Pecker – May 2, 2023

The Ethics and Impact of BRCA Gene Variants on Oncofertility Counseling

Dr. Matteo Lambertini & Dr. Gwendolyn Quinn – April 19, 2023

Motherhood on Ice: The Mating Gap and Why Women Freeze Their Eggs

Dr. Marcia C. Inhorn – April 5, 2023

Making Reproductive Health Decisions as a Previvor

Dr. Marleah Dean Kruzel – March 22, 2023

Building a Comprehensive Pediatric Oncofertility Program – a Panel Discussion

Dr. Karen Burns, Stacy Whiteside, Julie Rios, Kara Goldman, Olivia Frias, Leena Nahata & Allison Close – March 3, 2023

Ovarian physiology as a metaphor for building bridges between basic and clinical ARTs

Dr. David Albertini – February 21, 2023

Just ASK? Fertility, Sexuality & Body Image – The unmet needs of young cancer patients

Dr. Astrid Ahler – January 19, 2023

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