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Cervical cancer patient harvested eggs before treatment

A cervical cancer survivor wrote an article on commercialappeal.com. It was published on Mother’s Day and encourages women to get tested for HPV, whether the woman has had the HPV vaccine or not.

Michelle Whitlock, who wrote “My thoughts: Simple tests can help reduce rates of cervical cancer,” mentions briefly that she was lucky enough to harvest her eggs before her treatment began.

One of the issues we have to deal with in Oncofertility is communication and dissemination of information – to have a doctor explain to you about your fertility options at such a crucial moment, when you might be running out of time to start treatment, is not very common and this must change.

Or perhaps Michelle took the initiative to find out the information on her own, which is commendable. But if you are a young child, or haven’t thought about a baby, much less a boyfriend or girlfriend, and all you are thinking about is fighting for your own life, it would be helpful to have your doctor talk to you or your family about the options available to you.

Check out the article here: HPV tests.

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